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*Correspondence details and biographies for the authors are located at the end of the article. It then outlines the sections appropriate for such a document, raises some questions that will help researchers to evaluate the quality of their proposal and concludes by presenting a summary (in the form of a table) of the main problems found in the different stages of developing a research proposal, while suggesting ways to deal with them.

Developing a research proposal What is a research proposal?

This can be a rewarding challenge when the subject interests them and a very difficult, tedious or stressful task otherwise.

They should also consider whether the subject chosen may (or may not) attract the interest of a potential supervisor and should allow themselves some flexibility to make adjustments after discussing the proposal with him/her.

A research proposal is a “formal written plan which communicates ideas about a proposed study in order to obtain approval to conduct the study or to seek funding” (Onwuegbuzie 1997, p. Through this plan the researcher aims “to learn something of real or potential significance about an area of interest” (Krathwohl and Smith 2005, p. As well as serving as a work plan, the proposal offers a justification for the study, indicating why the research is worth doing and how it will be carried out (Krathwohl and Smith 2005; Matthews 2006).

Research Proposal Pdf

Additionally, the exercise of producing a proposal is a useful discipline for clarifying early ideas and thoughts and drawing them together into a coherent document (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill 2003).

This notwithstanding, little attention has been devoted to this essential first stage of a study (Baker 2000a).

Although frequently addressed in students’ textbooks on research in social sciences, there is a surprising dearth of scholarly articles offering an overview of the process. 2 It also addresses common mistakes and problems students encounter in this process.

One noteworthy exception is Baker (2000a), who also addresses different parts of the research process in a series of articles published in The Marketing Review (e.g. This paper uses insights provided by Baker and other authors (e.g. 147-168 doi: 10.1362/146934710X505753 ISSN1469-347X print / ISSN 1472-1384 online ©Westburn Publishers Ltd. Furthermore, this paper should function as a useful source for supervisors.

Hart 1998; Krathwohl and Smith 2005) and draws on our own experience as lecturers and researchers to provide an integrated source of advice for students and social researchers in general, who intend to develop a research proposal. This article first introduces the concept of a research proposal, discusses its importance and suggests some issues that require careful thought when beginning the process.


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