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and then I go over it again in the conclusion section.I will then summarise all the contributions in the conclusion chapter, and probably discuss what implications each have to the field.My contribution to knowledge was stressed at the end of each chapter, throughout the very final conclusions chapter, and in my abstract.

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Also, do you state it explicitly or is it inferred through phrases like "this advances the work of...?

Finally, if stated explicitly, what sub-heading did you give it, or did you?

With the contribution to knowledge I have included this in the final discussion.

For each area, I have discussed my findings in relation to the broader area and then at the end re-stated what I found (noting the originality).

I think contributions is our sales talk that justifies why we should get a Ph D, so I don't see anything wrong in repeating it.

Also, the contributions for each chapter justifies why the chapter is in your thesis.

In hubby's thesis we've (I mean I here as he's done the actual research and I've told him how to lay it out) really stressed the research questions, in the intro, then each chapter has a cover page - which has 'overview of the chapter', 'contribution to the field' and 'structure of this chapter' and this is all repeated again in the discussion.

Its great for his thesis, but part of me thinks its a bit 'babyish' for mine - I don't really know why, I guess its just not been convention in the ones I've read from people in my department?? Quote From Bilbo Baggins: My research questions were in the combined intro/lit review.

I have intro, objectives, scope, contributions and structure in that section.

They're all very short sections (2 paragraphs or so).


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