Respect For Yourself Essay

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He will accumulate the knowledge, in order to possess all the necessary things in life. People who have no self-respect are often being laughed at, because they do not respect themselves and they simply can’t protect their dignity.

They are the people who will explain the child the norms of the behavior in the society: what is allowed and what is forbidden.

They are explaining how to be kind, honest, courageous and how to help those who is in need.

Person who has a well-developed feeling of self-respect will do his best to study hard to be successful in life in future. In most cases they do not dare to tell a cruel joke in his side, because they will be afraid to be judged by this person, as they know that he will be right in his judgments.

Learn to be proud of yourself and then your inner position will be noticeable in your sledge, figure and sight, facial expression.

You will be surprised to see the way the attitude of the people who surround you has changed for better!


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