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Topical courses as well as surveys in British and American literature track continuities and discontinuities in literary history while engaging students in questions about history as a narrative and cultural archive.

(Historical Foundations classes can be taken at any time in the major.) 4.

See the department’s course descriptions for which courses count for which areas. Fundamentals of Research Two semesters (6 credits) in the Senior Seminar & Research Workshop.

The year-long Senior Seminar & Research Workshop engages our graduating students in the deeper and more challenging processes of sustained writing and research.

Of these 11, students must take 7 courses (21 hours) at 300-level or higher.

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(AP credit does not count towards the major.) The following coursework comprises the core of the English major or double major. Training the Imagination ENGL 200, Gateways to Literary Study, emphasizes close reading and critical writing about literature.The English Department is excited to launch its revised curriculum beginning in Fall 2019!Existing majors (students who matriculated in 2018/2019 and before) are free to complete the major requirements in place at the time of their matriculation.We encourage you, however, to follow the new curriculum where possible.Majors and double majors in English must take at least 11 courses (33 hours).The contests are juried by professional, non-Rice-affiliated judges.Each of the student recipients is awarded a monetary prize, as well as recognition in that year's issue.In these courses, students examine how cultural productions of various kinds disclose these traditions as sites of struggle, imitation, and critique.(Diverse Traditions classes can be taken at any time in the major.) 5.These competitive awards are given out every year to students whose research over the summer will benefit their work in English during the following semester.This competitive prize is awarded for a paper of ten or more pages written for an English course by a current junior or senior English major.


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