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Role Of Media In Australia Essay-3
According to Pfister (2010), sports have gradually and overtime come out of the fields to the mainstream media.

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Because of the 1928 800 meter outcome, the event was scraped off the women Olympic Games up to 1960 Rome Olympics.

According to Sheffer and Brad (2007), the 3,000 meter event, pole-vault, triple-jump, and the hammer throwing events have been out of the female’s athletic event up until recently.

In addition, media has also managed in a way to create niche biasness where the majority of sports news anchors are men, the commentators are men, and the sports analysts are men.

It is also worth noting that, the televised sports are watched in men-favoring environment of bear, cigarettes, and “babes” (Nylund, 2007).

The training for sports involves being trained on psychological toughness to endure and beat the competition, attributes that are accepted in the society for men, but not women. The society expects a woman to dress as to cover her body as much as possible.

This requirement is more spelt in the Islamic culture.Influence in participation of sports As stated by Pfister (2010) and witnessed so, the participation of females in sports is fewer than males.In ancient times, for one of the most popular sports – the Olympics, the female gender was not allowed to not only participate in the games, but also watch them.Sport has been used for both physiological wellbeing and commercial purposes.In either of these, the influences of gender and the media cannot be overlooked.Based on the fact that sports have been branded with a masculine image, women who dare to participate in these events are ignored as attention seeker, deviants of the female place in the society, and can be easily branded as being transgender.The issue of Caster Semenya in 2009 is a proper evidence of the stereotype that exists.The female gender on the other hand is viewed as a fairer weaker sex therefore, sports are deemed too dangerous for them (Cashmore, 2005).During the 1928 Olympics, several women running the 800 meter race collapsed during the rate casting major doubt if the female gender was up to the race.Even though up to date the change has been remarkable, still female participation in sports have remained dismal compared to the male gender.Gender affects participation in games through; Sports have continued to be viewed as masculine.


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