Roman And Han Comparison Essay

By the second century AD, Rome’s borders stretched from the Near East to the Atlantic Ocean and from northern Britain to the Sahara desert.As a result of its size, the Empire incorporated many different cultures, eventually transforming them into Romans.However, Chinese civilization developed very distinctly due to its geography.

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The powerful empires that arose in Europe and China during the ancient period were similar in many ways.

The Roman Empire was, in some ways, the culmination of the technological and intellectual advancements that had been enjoyed by Mediterranean cultures for centuries.

Through military might, administrative genius, and architectural achievement, the Roman Empire was able to assume dominance over Northern Africa, the Middle East, and most of Europe.

It maintained that dominance until its decline due to a variety of factors.

The Han Empire in China, while different in the manner of its rise to power, was similar to its Roman counterpart in its achievements, its strengths, and the weaknesses that eventually caused its decline.

The Han dynasty prospered due to a well-structured administration and constant military success.

One reason for this was the dynasty’s decision to nationalize a number of important industries (including salt and iron production), thereby allowing the Han leaders to fund a large standing army that was unusually well-armed (Scarre 395).

This combination of effective governance and military power, combined with an economy that could support a large population of 58 million people, allowed the Han dynasty to prosper at the expense of its neighbors.

The Chinese culture also saw a number of scientific discoveries during this period, including the use of blast furnaces to refine iron, which was then made into many tools and weapons.

In addition, the Han Empire experienced great military success against their enemies.


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