Salvation Essay By Langston Hughes

Salvation Essay By Langston Hughes-37
It is worth noting that during the beginning of the 20th century, revivals were quite popular when compared to the current world.They provided platforms for people to meet, be prayed for and obtain deliverance from their ‘sinful’ ways (Fisher 22).Furthermore, individuals that are not saved are considered to be sinners.

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The meetings were characterized with singing, dancing and lots of prayer (Fisher 22).

One of the notable forms of symbolism is color symbolism.

According to the essay, 12-year-old Langston is brought to church for a large revival where people can let go of their sins and be saved by God.

Langston is familiar with the process and is prepared for his own experience of coming to Jesus.Another symbolic aspect regarding color is the revival taking place at night, when it was dark, and that the salvation process is regarded as bringing people to the light.Hughes explains that his aunt told him that when an individual experienced salvation, something took place in their bodies such that Jesus became part of their lives (Hughes 31).Try it risk-free Langston Hughes was a poet and writer who focused mostly on the lives of African American people.He was born in 1902 and spent most of his early years with his grandmother.He states, “"The entire flock prayed for me , in a huge moan of sighs and singings."” (Hughes 32). Hughes shows that the whole congregation acted as a single force instead of the actions rising from an individual impetus. Hughes eventually published his first book when he was only 24.In addition to a lot of poetry, Hughes wrote essays and plays.Still on color symbolism, the children are being referred to as lambs in various parts of the text.A good example is Hughes statement that “”to bring the young lambs to the fold."” (Hughes 31) in explaining the gathering of children into a small meeting for them to be ‘born again’.


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