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or should i do a picture book by Shaun Tan, The Arrival, maybe, which one is more complex and mature?The reason why chose Shaw Shank Redemption was because of the quotes, and how prisoners are forced to belong to an institution; and the affect of that on particular individuals like Brooks.Will it be ok if i do texts of the ESL english class? Their prescribed text is Robbit Proof Fence, it’s a film on aboriginal children being forced to assimilate and as a result they escape.

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Whatever you choose, you need to be able to make connections with the prescribed text.

If they asked for one related piece of material this year, remember it is the first time they have done that.

The person who got Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff interested in Monk was Lorraine Gordon (then Lorraine Lion and married to Alfred), who still hangs out at her joint the Village Vanguard a couple of times a week and celebrates her 95th birthday on Sunday.

Apparently Lorraine was the one who gave Monk the sobriquet, “The High Priest.” Monk’s first studio tracks as a leader are short, pithy, and packed with information.

Along with good quotes there are alot of film techniques, so i have alot to talk about.

I just want texts which i will be able to relate and write about alot.

Q: My prescribed text for Belonging is A simple gift by Stephen Henrick, and for related material i am thinking of doing the film Shawshank Redemption by Frank Darabont, and the song ‘i was only nineteen’.

We need two atleast, but i am also concerned because i did Shawshank Redemption and i was only nineteen for my preliminary course yearly exam essay for individual and experience, and i got 20/20.

Choose your texts so that they link in some way to the prescribed text, A Simple Gift. Once you can link you are moving into another dimension of answer – and marks.

Little Miss sunshine: dysfunctional family members all find something. December Boys is Australian but it has the Harry Potter actor if that appeals.


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