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Sentiment analysis, just as many other NLP problems, can be modeled as a classification problem where two sub-problems must be resolved: In an opinion, the entity the text talks about can be an object, its components, its aspects, its attributes, or its features.It could also be a product, a service, an individual, an organization, an event, or a topic.This data can be very useful for commercial applications like marketing analysis, public relations, product reviews, net promoter scoring, product feedback, and customer service.

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lists of words and the emotions they convey) or complex machine learning algorithms.

One of the downsides of resorting to lexicons is that the way people express their emotions varies a lot and so do the lexical items they use.

These texts are usually difficult, time-consuming and expensive to analyze, understand, and sort through.

Sentiment analysis systems allows companies to make sense of this sea of unstructured text by automating business processes, getting actionable insights, and saving hours of manual data processing, in other words, by making teams more efficient.

An alternative to that would be detecting language in texts automatically, then train a custom model for the language of your choice (if texts are not written in English), and finally, perform the analysis.

Check out these sentiment analysis examples to learn more about the different types of sentiment analysis.It’s estimated that 80% of the world’s data is unstructured and not organized in a pre-defined manner.Most of this comes from text data, like emails, support tickets, chats, social media, surveys, articles, and documents.Explicit vs Implicit Opinions An explicit opinion on a subject is an opinion explicitly expressed in a subjective sentence.The following sentence expresses an explicit positive opinion: ).negative feelings) or happiness, love, or enthusiasm (i.e. Emotion detection aims at detecting emotions like, happiness, frustration, anger, sadness, and the like.Many emotion detection systems resort to lexicons (i.e.This has allowed companies to get key insights and automate all kind of processes. Read along, bookmark it for later, or jump to the sections of your interest. How can you use sentiment analysis in your business?In the following section, we’ll cover the most important ones.Sometimes you may be also interested in being more precise about the level of polarity of the opinion, so instead of just talking about This is usually referred to as fine-grained sentiment analysis.


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