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Ericsson never informed the service provider's top managers in Greece that the features were included nor was there a "special briefing" to the relevant technical division, according to a Vodafone statement in March.But Ericsson's top executive in Greece, Bill Zikou, claimed during parliamentary-committee testimony that his company had informed Vodafone about the feature via its sales force and instruction manuals.• June 22, 2006 PM It really doesn't matter if the NSA was behind it. Or arrest the people who collected the evidence, charging them with leaking state secrets. It sounds like that in Greece they are using Trojan Mobiles. • June 22, 2006 PM As noted, that someone's phone is being tapped doesn't mean they're "real bad guys," and this particular attack was aimed at people who either knew the Greek government was recording some of their activities (it's possible that they record phone calls from some government phones, for example) or had no reason to expect the Greek police or government to be tapping their phones.

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The list included government ministers, including the Prime Minister, other officials (some involved in the Olympics, I think), a handset used by Greek police protecting the US Embassy in Athens, as well as some guy with a family connection to a Middle Eastern terrorist.There isn't an unlimited supply of trusted-by-both-people couriers.As for speaking an uncommon language, first you and your co-conspirators have to learn one that nobody around you knows, without attracting attention in the process.But frankly when I met them I did not get the impression that they are the top hackers themselves.They likely just listen to what Vodafone and Ericsson tell them. or tell someone they trust and have that person travel to the other person and give them the message?He called the prime minister's office the next evening. • June 22, 2006 PM : The head of Greece's intelligence service, Ioannis Korantis, said in testimony before the parliamentary committee last month that Vodafone's disabling of the software before authorities could investigate hampered their efforts. I highly doubt that Vodafone ran its systems without lawful interception ability. Also I am not so sure that an attacker would have to set up an Ericsson system - sounds like a "security through obscurity" defense line.The head of Greece's intelligence service, Ioannis Korantis, said in testimony before the parliamentary committee last month that Vodafone's disabling of the software before authorities could investigate hampered their efforts. "From the moment that the software was shut down, the string broke that could have lead us to who was behind this," he said. And for that matter, does he actually want the public to know who did it? An attacker who gained a foot in could have bootstrapped this up step by step.The software allowed the cellphone calls of the targeted individuals to be monitored via 14 prepaid cellphones, according to the government officials and telecom experts probing the matter.They say when calls to or from one of the more than 100 targeted phones were made, the rogue software enabled one of the interceptor phones to be connected also.Sending text messages to the neighbourhood of NSA HQ, putting the phones around the US embassy - seems like it would be easy to avoid doing those things and still get the desired results.Hence the theory that the network was designed to look like a US operation if discovered, and is actually the work of someone else.


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