Sex And Violence On Television Essay

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They can not judge whether the episode is a fantasy to them or realistic in the world. “By the age of three, children will willingly watch a show ninety-five percent of the time and will imitate someone’s violent act they observe on television as readily as they will imitate a live person (Parke 173).” Children who saw the violent acts on TV will probably imitate the actors’ behaviors.For example, in the TV show COPS, the criminals committed a robbery by using weapons.

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“What a better scene to laugh at than the misfortunes of another person?

That is where television becomes children’s passage to release their stress harmlessly.

Also, wouldn’t it seem like children would find TV shows more tempting to watch if they knew there would be “adult” or violent scenes in it?

They would immediately be able to know that TV shows rated “R” would have more mature scenes in it then a show rated “PG-13″.

For example, in several studies, “those who watched a violent program instead of a nonviolent one were slower to step in or to call for help when they saw younger children fighting or playing destructively (Liebert 129).” Furthermore, children may be more anxious and fearful of the world around them. D., at the University of Pennsylvania, have shown that children’s TV shows contain about twenty violent acts each hour and also that children who watch a lot of television are more inclined to think that the world is a mean and dangerous place (Liebert 74).

Also, children often behave differently after they have been watching violent shows on TV.

Many authorities make huge deals and give long speeches about how violence on TV is so terrible.

I agree, but what have these authorities done to change it?

Also, I’ve seen, and I’m sure others have too, cartoons where the innocent characters smoke, or do dangerous things.

I urge people who regulate TV shows to do more than place a label on shows. First of all, television violence can easily mislead children because young children do not has the same perceptions as adult.


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