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” Green had assumed the term originated among African-Americans in the 1980s.

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Playing off counterculture, Green sees slang as an inevitable “counterlanguage” and says “that subversion can be achieved through shock — one cannot deny a streak of the gross for gross’s sake — but also through wit and inventiveness.”Speaking of gross and inventive language, it’s hard not to notice that slang dictionaries, including GDo S, are full of profanity and plays on profanity such as the euphemisms “mother-hugger” and “mothersomething.” Adams, having written books on both profanity and slang, is an expert on the slippery difference between the two.probably as old as human language, though the first slang dictionaries only started popping up in the 16th century.But nothing has been a boon for slang lexicography like the digital age, as the searchability of newspaper databases has allowed the past to be explored like never before.Ironically, the biggest boon to cutting-edge lexical research is the existence of an older medium: the newspaper. that things are older than we believed.” Just as a fossil discovered in Greenland this August pushed the earliest sign of life on Earth back to 3.7 billion years ago, lexicographers are constantly learning that words are older than they thought.Green, who has published numerous books about language and been working on GDo S since 1993, cites the increased availability of newspaper databases as the biggest transformation of his research in the past five years: “And what you find is . In the w An extraordinary case involves the word “dis” in the sense of an insult: “He dissed me!Journalists do not speak and write as “properly” as they used to say.If this is true, and to some extent and in certain areas we believe it to be true, this could mean that words and phrases that used to be slang are now considered to be part of neutral or “proper” language.There are English slang words which moved from slang into neutral or even formal language.There are rules for writing—including using formal versus informal language when you write—that can extend to editing.The concept of stylistically neutral language is not well defined, and what is below this level must therefore also be vague. Slang is language used below the neutral stylistic level Since slang is relative, changes in neutral or formal usage will lead to changes in what is seen as slang.Many people have a feeling that the stylistic level of the mass media has fallen.


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