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This report shall attempt to explore how the connections amongst work activity and 'community' participation and how the links between domestic divisions of labour and the labour market can transform how an individual balances their participation in work and their social self.To avoid social isolation, individuals need to have the feeling of belonging and included in some kind of institution, be it a family group or to form a community link through work (Flum, 2001).

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An increase in ‘24’ hour activities has also both affected the way work can affect an individual, both for the good and for the bad.

There have been great changes in the British economy, with a move from major manufacturing into a growth of service sector employment and the expansion of part-time and flexible employment.

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In your English class you have been talking about old people in society.

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You will not receive a confirmation email after submitting your essay. When submitting your essay file online, include a cover page with your name, your essay title, and the list of ten acts of kindness you performed.(Note: You may create your own cover page or use the template available to download here.)Essays are accepted in English, French, Spanish, German or Japanese only, since these are the only languages the contest organizers and judges can read.In times of social change, families and communities have remained a constant institution that has helped with promoting and maintaining a sense of social cohesion (Staines and Pleck: 1983).Along with providing a basis for its members, families can also be seen as an important tool for teaching the next generation how to cope with such social change and the adult world of work.How society’s individuals manage a work/life balance has also been a sociological concern.Clark (2000) defines balance as "satisfaction and good functioning at work and at home with a minimum of role conflict".A rise in the number of hours being work, it can be argued that the demands of work begin to dominate life and a sense of work-life imbalance follows (Guest 2001).Staines and Pleck (1983) state those working late nights, weekends, every changing shift patterns or any other ‘disruptive’ work patterns can make managing and scheduling sufficient family time and leisure activities difficult.The advancement in technology has increased the expectation and need for fast responses and increases the need of constant availability from workers and leads to increase pressure on employees.It can be seen that the UK has the longest working hours compared to the rest of Europe, and the average number of hours worked per day has remained steady, but the number of employees working more than 48 hours has increased in the past ten years.


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