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We looked around for existing solutions that we could integrate into our app, but the ones we found were closed-source, behind paywalls, or did not focus on the teaching behind the steps, so we decided to build our own.Today we’re thrilled to release mathsteps — the first open-source project that teaches math step-by-step.After using to create a tree from a string of math, we transform the tree by flattening operations.

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Our mission at Socratic is to “make learning easy”.

Our app lets you take a picture of a homework question, and we teach you how to answer it — magic!

Students can take a picture of a math question, and we teach you how to answer it.

Our primary goal for this project is to build a math solver library that is focused on pedagogy (how best to teach).

feels like a multiplication of 4 terms, 3 of which have x in them and could be combined together.

This combining step turns out to be important in teaching, and is why we need to change the tree to not be binary anymore.

We can then look at the children of ( ), see that two of them are x and two of them are numbers, and collect those like terms to get . Notice that even though we change the tree, we still preserve the user’s input and therefore our ability to teach what the student is asking.

There is exactly one situation where how we store the tree is a bit different from what the student gave as input: subtraction. You can read the code for flattening operations here.

These trees can be surprisingly complicated — even a short expression like There are many existing open source projects that parse strings of math and create trees like this one.

Several of these projects are also full Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) which can provide answers to math problems, though not with step-by-step explanations.


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