Solving Linear Equations Problems

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For each each class that she takes, she expects to spend 2 1/2 hours each week working on homework.She expects to spend an additional 6 1/2 hours each week completing the assigned reading for all of her classes together. She has 19 hours available each week to complete homework and reading for her classes. Solve the following system of equations by elimination.

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For instance: You may be instructed to "check your solutions", at least in the early stages of learning how to solve equations.

To do this "checking", you need only plug your answer into the original equation, and make sure that you end up with a true statement.

The only difference between this and what I wrote is they just swapped the two sides of the equality which you can always do.

These other choices, let's see 6 1/2 times C, well this would imply that you're spending 6 1/2 hours per class so that's not right.

You've probably already solved linear equations; you just didn't know it.

Back in your early years, when you were learning addition, your teacher probably gave you worksheets to complete that had exercises like the following: , instead of what goes into the box.

And then this is also 6 1/2 times C, so that's not gonna work out either.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase Word problems?

, or square roots, or other more-complicated expressions.

Linear equations are the simplest equations that you'll deal with.


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