Solving System Of Equations Word Problems

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An investor buys a total of 360 shares of two stocks.

The price of one stock is $35 per share, while the price of the other stock is $45 per share. How many shares of each stock did the investor buy?

The first and third columns give the equations Multiply the second equation by 10 to clear decimals: Solve the equations by multiplying the first equation by 25 and subtracting it from the second: Then , so .

Thus, 42 of the .50 seats and 36 of the .50 seats were sold. A total of 300 tickets are sold, and the total receipts were 40. The first and third columns give the equations Multiply the first equation by 15 and subtract equations: Then There were 120 tickets sold for each and 180 tickets sold for each.Other types of word problems using systems of equations include rate word problems and work word problems.Explains the concept of a value mixture problem and works this problem.Trying to solve two equations each with the same two unknown variables?Take one of the equations and solve it for one of the variables.If the equations are all linear, then you have a system of linear equations!To solve a system of equations, you need to figure out the variable values that solve all the equations involved. Sometimes word problems describe a system of equations, two equations each with two unknowns.Solving word problems like this one aren't so bad if you know what to do. Having difficulty turning a word problem into an algebra equation? With this tutorial, you'll learn how to break down word problems and translate them into mathematical equations.Some word problems using systems of equations involve mixing two quantities with different prices.To solve mixture problems, knowledge of solving systems of equations. Most often, these problems will have two variables, but more advanced problems have systems of equations with three variables.


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