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I intend on looking into the following points through out the course of this investigation: How the genesis of both popular music and cinema are inherently linked to one another and a cross-pollination between the mediums has always been inevitable How popular music as score differs from traditional scores in what it does within a film.The potential (both positive and negative) that pre-existing material brings to a film, from it’s ability to comment add extra levels to a film through it’s lyrical content and it’s already established place in the public subconscious through to the historical and social abilities it has in helping define eras and public attitudes when necessary.You can view samples of our professional work here.

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By exploring the research of others with original research and thoughts of my own, I intend to come to a personal conclusion regarding the matter.

This investigation is going to be based around the initial idea that popular music has a valuable and useful place within modern film making, however, due to it often being used in a lazy and not fully thought through manner, it has become some what looked down upon with in the medium, being seen simply as a means for cheap laughs, a pleasant way to pad out the background music of a scene and as a way to add more marketability to a film .

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Composers use this to identify characters, environments, emotions or ideas.

One example of that could be the score for Lord of the Rings. One of the most recognizable would be the leitmotifs themes of the character Gollum.

While well-crafted sound design and sound effects are so very necessary in the creation of a film, music touches the emotion, the psyche, and the things you cannot see.

Sound design and effects don’t do this nearly as efficiently and naturally.

Music has to match the emotions that the actors are showing and the environment they are in.

If fail to do so, the movie could be a dreadful thing to watch. “Wagner’s chief technical innovation was the development of the leitmotif system in which short, recognizable musical phrases become associated with narrative and thematic ideas and develop symphonically to mirror the development of the drama”.


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