Speech Essay Library And Its Uses

And they have rated libraries higher than other public services in professionally conducted polls. If they were not essential institutions, they would have died out long ago. ♦ The Atlantic published an editorial called “Rethinking Government: Why We Need Library Rental Fees” on July 21, 2011.

(The first ones appeared in what’s known as the “fertile crescent” or “cradle of civilization” in Southwest Asia, according to The Library: An Illustrated History by Stuart A. ♦ ALA has a web page called “Tough Questions and Answers” that includes suggested responses to questions such as “Won’t computers and the Internet put libraries out of business?

Contrast this to the way many corporations waste money.

♦ Many public libraries offer after-hours homework help, via online services that they subscribe to in order to support students’ learning.

♦ Libraries serve a vital social service by helping bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots, especially when it comes to literacy and computer skills training.

♦ Libraries offer services and products that level the intellectual playing field.

♦ published an article called “Public Libraries: We Need Them More Than Ever” written by the chairwoman of the Vancouver PL’s board.

Two of its great quotes: “Indeed the development of the Internet – far from threatening libraries as some opponents of public services wishfully want us to believe – has created a whole new need for libraries, librarians, and the information management and facilitation services they offer.” and “Having a public library contributes to the development of human capital and the social infrastructure of the community.” ♦ In response to a June 2012 post on that said “The low pay rank and estimated growth rank make library and information science the worst master’s degree for jobs right now,” ALA President Maureen Sullivan wrote a reply that detailed the value of all types of librarians.

♦ Only a tiny fraction of the world’s information is available for free on the internet. ♦ Librarians are the original, and still the best, search engines.

♦ Libraries have always been “green,” because they purchase a limited number of items that many people can share.


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