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You can also download these Softwares and install them to carry on the SQL exercise. If you find something new to learn today, then do share it with others.CREATE DATABASE ORG; SHOW DATABASES; USE ORG; CREATE TABLE Worker ( WORKER_ID INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, FIRST_NAME CHAR(25), LAST_NAME CHAR(25), SALARY INT(15), JOINING_DATE DATETIME, DEPARTMENT CHAR(25) ); INSERT INTO Worker (WORKER_ID, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, SALARY, JOINING_DATE, DEPARTMENT) VALUES (001, 'Monika', 'Arora', 100000, '14-02-20 ', 'HR'), (002, 'Niharika', 'Verma', 80000, '14-06-11 ', 'Admin'), (003, 'Vishal', 'Singhal', 300000, '14-02-20 ', 'HR'), (004, 'Amitabh', 'Singh', 500000, '14-02-20 ', 'Admin'), (005, 'Vivek', 'Bhati', 500000, '14-06-11 ', 'Admin'), (006, 'Vipul', 'Diwan', 200000, '14-06-11 ', 'Account'), (007, 'Satish', 'Kumar', 75000, '14-01-20 ', 'Account'), (008, 'Geetika', 'Chauhan', 90000, '14-04-11 ', 'Admin'); CREATE TABLE Bonus ( WORKER_REF_ID INT, BONUS_AMOUNT INT(10), BONUS_DATE DATETIME, FOREIGN KEY (WORKER_REF_ID) REFERENCES Worker(WORKER_ID) ON DELETE CASCADE ); INSERT INTO Bonus (WORKER_REF_ID, BONUS_AMOUNT, BONUS_DATE) VALUES (001, 5000, '16-02-20'), (002, 3000, '16-06-11'), (003, 4000, '16-02-20'), (001, 4500, '16-02-20'), (002, 3500, '16-06-11'); CREATE TABLE Title ( WORKER_REF_ID INT, WORKER_TITLE CHAR(25), AFFECTED_FROM DATETIME, FOREIGN KEY (WORKER_REF_ID) REFERENCES Worker(WORKER_ID) ON DELETE CASCADE ); INSERT INTO Title (WORKER_REF_ID, WORKER_TITLE, AFFECTED_FROM) VALUES (001, 'Manager', '2016-02-20 '), (002, 'Executive', '2016-06-11 '), (008, 'Executive', '2016-06-11 '), (005, 'Manager', '2016-06-11 '), (004, 'Asst. Salary from(SELECT max(Salary) as Total Salary, DEPARTMENT from Worker group by DEPARTMENT) as Temp New Inner Join Worker t on Temp New. And, follow us on our social media (Facebook/Twitter) accounts to see more of this.Manager', '2016-06-11 '), (007, 'Executive', '2016-06-11 '), (006, 'Lead', '2016-06-11 '), (003, 'Lead', '2016-06-11 '); SELECT t.

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Without a default value, a variable is initialized to at once; that is, if you want to assign one record to another.

You can assign one record to another only if their declarations refer to the same table or cursor, as in Example 2-17, "Assigning One Record to Another, Correctly and Incorrectly".

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a database or computer language which is used for the management of the database system.

It is a special-purpose domain-specific programming language which is used for designing and managing the database of any system.

The history of Microsoft sequel server begins with the first Microsoft sequel server product sequel server 1.0 a 16-bit server for the OS / 2 operating system.

In 1989 and extends to the current day as of October 2016 the following versions are supported by Microsoft sequel server 2008 r2, sequel server 2012, sequel server 2014, sequel server 2016 over drop their bowl. Which is used primarily and in spite statements, where Clause to perform an operation is such as comparisons and arithmetic operations spike is an in-process compact library that implements the self-contained zero configuration service transactional SQL database engine.

To prepare the sample data, you can run the following queries in your database query executor or on the SQL command line. But we’ll come back with more challenging questions on SQL queries in our next post.

We’ve tested them with My SQL Server 5.7 and My SQL Workbench 6.3.8 query browser. Hope, you’d fun learning through the SQL exercises.

That’s why we’ve selected a set of 50 SQL queries that you can use to step up your learning.

We’ve also given SQL scripts to create the test data.


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