Staffing Agency Business Plan

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Help employers find the right candidate for a vacant position or help a candidate secure a job through our Recruitment/Staffing Agency Business Plan Template.

Make it your own just by simply replacing the highlighted texts with your own business details and be done in just a few minutes.

($150.00) I opened my bank account and ordered some simple checks, nothing fancy, I just wanted to make sure I had a way to pay for whatever comes up with my business.

($25.00) I then went online and found an online toll free service, this service was able to be linked with my email account. I used the UPS Store, I am not promoting this company but felt they provided what I needed at the time.

The business cards where simple, but they did the job.

(.00) I also managed to secure my liability insurance as well as workman's comp.

J&B's STAFFING REQUIREMENTS The Company will require a total of five additional employees during its first year.

These employees will fill two departmental needs - New Product Development Department and Sales Department.

The New Product Development Department will require one (1) Product Development Manager, and one (1) Information Technologist.

The Sales Department will require one (1) Sales Manager and two (2) Telephone Operators.


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