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In the film 'Stand by me'it has a very simple opening. Plain bold, large and says, of course, 'Stand by me'.it then goes onto a scene of the countyside, in the morning.' The camera cuts back to the man at a slow pace, nothing has been rushed so far up to this point each shot has been calm and relaxed with no sudden movements.

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And we get the tremendous gift of not knowing that it's never going to be like that again for the rest of our lives, so it's just pure and it's uncomplicated.

Stand By Me is the 1986 American coming of age drama film adaptation of Stephen King's The Body. The film is narrated by an author, Gordie Lachance (Richard Dreyfuss), writing the memoir about his youth.

We then get a better view of the boys on their bikes which is a point of view shot as it is like you are the man watching these boys cycle past.

’s (1986) final line, delivered by Richard Dreyfuss and his green-text computer, is a perfect encapsulation of the film’s entire message.

It is a quote that defines coming of age and captures the essence of childhood friendships, as well as the way children are naive to their significance during youth.

There’s a reality behind that statement that doesn’t just relate to the themes of the film, but themes of life.

We know this as you can see the sun hasn't fully come up and therefore the scene has low key lighting.

In the scene there is a car sitting stationary off centre.

No one needed to take credit for finding the body on the tracks, so no one did.

Gordie made the right decision to make an anonymous call to authorities, because it's the journey – not the destination – that counts.


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