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Would you be surprised to learn that in today’s classroom children sometimes aren’t learning due to behavioral issues?

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Contract conditions should be discussed with the student, and define the conditions in which the contract will be in effect.

Contract completion criteria will describe the level of performance for completion.

This illustrates the reinforcement or reward that will be earned upon contract completion.

“By increasing their productivity, students progressed more rapidly through their workbooks, thus facilitating more rapid mastery of the academic material.” (Kelly & Strokes p.

Classrooms are often overcrowded which adds to the frustration of the situation.

Teachers are often tempted to take the easy way out, using antiquated strategies that will usually not help the child to learn. The main question is, how do the new and upcoming educators of the world change the issue of behavior management in our own classrooms? Next, make sure the students know what When using this method, one must first assess the present level of the outward performance of the student. With the variance of personalities in one classroom, it may be difficult for a teacher to stay actively in control of the ever-changing environment. Clarifying a strategy will help make it easier for an educator to lead the class confidently and effectively.Although as adults it may seem logical that one would avoid being singled out or chastised, children who have little sense of self worth will “take what they can get.” Skinner calls his strategy for dealing with disruption “non-reinforcement.” Skinner’s theory claims that “non-reinforcement leads to extinction of behavior.” By ignoring disruptive behavior, a teacher can extinguish it.Eventually, the disruptive student will realize that their behavior will not gain any response will seek another way to belong to the group.The student may be involved in this step and help draw up the contract.The contract should included the following contract conditions, contract completion criteria and reinforces.Anecdotally, the classroom teacher reported that the contingency resulted in the students’ increased task-oriented behavior.” (Kelly & Strokes p.We do NOT recommend any teacher assign "Sentence/Essay Copying" without carefully researching it themselves AND checking with their school administration first.We list this strategy on our website because we know from experience that it could potentially help teachers who are struggling with classroom management AND there is a lack of available research we've found (not opinion based, but empirical) that proves sentence writing is harmful.Case in point; teachers in the United Kingdom regularly still use this method in good conscience.


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