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In order to accomplish this, we want to encourage our students to work on at least one Mission in Khan Academy this summer.

In order to accomplish this, we want to encourage our students to work on at least one Mission in Khan Academy this summer.

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A board of education may distribute suggested summer reading lists, permit extra credit assignments over the summer, or require students to read books over the summer in preparation for discussion after school begins. Click on the Volume Number, then click on the Decision Number to view the decision.

Some districts/schools have begun to develop locally Decisions of the Commissioner relating to required summer reading assignments are available at the Commissioner's Decisions webpage. Please check this website periodically for any future decisions of the Commissioner of Education regarding summer reading assignments. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]

The goals of the Central Catholic High School summer reading program are to encourage students to read, improve their reading skills, and have knowledge of modern authors.

Students who read are better academic achievers and, for that reason, summer reading is essential.

So how do you engage in academic conversations at home? We suggest that you use the guided questions attached to spark discussion and encourage critical thinking skills that allow your family to engage fully in the book.

Most importantly, have fun and be open minded to the discussion that may unfold through reading.Studies show that reading for enjoyment is a practice that helps all children increase their vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.In addition, a locally required summer reading assignment, if used in conjunction with other reading instruction strategies, is important for students who receive Academic Intervention Services (AIS).Reading an assigned book can essentially be done anywhere—in a hammock, poolside, or in bed, for instance.Get a copy of your book early in the summer, and keep it somewhere you won’t forget about it.If you’re like many high school students this summer, you’re facing the task of reading at least one book as a summer reading assignment before heading back to school in the fall.But there’s no need to stress—whether you have to read one book or several, there are ways to stay motivated and to keep your summer reading assignment from sneaking up on you at the last minute. New York State Library’s Statewide Summer Reading Program is an example of an effective voluntary summer reading program.It is planned and implemented collaboratively with local public libraries and helps students maintain and improve their reading levels over the summer while enjoying reading. Educators and school administrators are encouraged to become familiar with the State Library’s Statewide Summer Reading Program and other programs offered by their local public libraries and to share information about these programs with students, parents, and teachers.THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT / THE UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK / ALBANY, NY 12234 OFFICE OF CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT Room 320 EB, Albany, New York 12234 (518) 474-5922; FAX: (518) 473-4884 The Commissioner of Education has addressed several issues relating to locally required summer reading assignments.This document sets forth guidance and suggestions to assist administrators and teachers in developing acceptable required summer reading assignments.


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