Tattoo Shop Business Plan

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A properly structured lease agreement is important to the success of your business.The Tattoo Artist as Boss: As a business owner, and unless you are working for someone else, you will likely have employees.As a tattoo or body piercing artist and during your career, you and your business may potentially face lawsuits resulting from such things as professional liability, employment issues, or premises liability.

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You will certainly want to evaluate your obligations under laws to employees, such as providing medical insurance and other employee benefits, and compliance with payroll deductions and taxes.

You may also want to consider establishing shop employment policies and procedures for hiring and terminating employees, for the compliance with any local or State health safety and hygiene requirements to maintain your license or permit, and for the protection of your confidential client records and business information.

You will also want to have carefully drawn provisions to protect your tattoo shop’s client list and confidential information.

Obviously, you will need to seek appropriate legal counsel on whether the use of restrictive covenants would be enforceable in your State, but it is something to consider.

Protecting Your Art: Finally, as an artist, you may want to seek protection of your art work by investigating trade-marking and copy-righting laws. Your particular style of tattooing or specific pieces of work may be worth protecting from other artists use without authorization.

In summary, it is an exciting journey to becoming a tattoo artist and owning your own shop.

In any State, you should be aware of licensing policies and procedures before you decide to open a tattoo and body art shop.

Form a Business: Once you determine the licensing or permit requirements in your State, you should then consider forming a business entity to operate the shop.

Licenses and Permits to Open Shop: In most states, you first will need to investigate what legal requirements need to be satisfied to become a duly licensed tattoo artist, or whether you are required to obtain local and State approvals or permits to open a tattoo and body piercing shop.

For example, in New Jersey, you will need to satisfy and comply with the rather comprehensive requirements of the Body Art Procedures Act.


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