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Be warned that the categorisations are very broad, so I hope you have time to look "outside the box".

Be warned that the categorisations are very broad, so I hope you have time to look "outside the box".Further examination of the theme of humanity, this time referencing the Blade Runner film.

PKD created a fictional religion precisely to get around that problem.

The makers of the film decided to make it more accessible as the whole Mercerism concept couldn't be put across in a 2 hour action movie.

Others are lucky enough to study them as part of academic courses.

It seems there is an increasing need for a resource guide to find all those excellent analysis essays dispersed across the Web. In this guide, I have identified whether the link is internal to or external.

(And some also get minor facts wrong.) Copyright on all analysis essays published on this site remains with the original authors.

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Essay by John Samuelson examining the relationship between Humans and their artificially created "men". I am looking into it.) Hollywood Jesus look for religious imagery and interpretations in Hollywood movies.

There obviously is religious imagery in Blade Runner, but this site does go a little overboard - particularly when they make it "Christian" rather than generic.

However, excerpts may be freely quoted with proper attribution.

Many of these essays comment on multiple themes, but to help you get to what you're looking for quicker, I have attempted to bring some order to the kipple by sorting them by their main theme.


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  • A Study of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner - Blade Runner Insight

    Many critics have cited Blade Runner as a postmodernist film. Again, another reference to the Mayans - this time, their practises of slavery and oppression - is. John Locke, in his Essay Concerning Human Understanding, argued that personal. Frankenstein itself, he points out, is a Romantic reading of Paradise Lost.…

  • Blade Runner Analysis -

    Therefore, BRmovie offers a permanent home for any essays and other analysis. Note for books on the Blade Runner film, see this BR Related section. Be warned that the categorisations are very broad, so I hope you have time to look. Comparison of Creator and Created between Frankenstein and Blade Runner.…

  • Teaching 'Frankenstein' With The New York Times

    Frankenstein” may be the earliest example what this essay calls. advertisements, toys, comics, video games and children's books. “Prometheus” is a 2012 movie by Ridley Scott, the director of “Alien” and “Blade Runner.…

  • DOC Frankenstein and Blade runner Taylor Wicks - Academia.edu

    Frankenstein and Blade runner both focus on the borders of technology and. These two texts are worried with man's respect for nature and the impact of this. The fictional revolution of the time is obvious in Shelley's unique style which is.…

  • Society Class and Injustice Arguments - Frankenstein & Blade Runner

    HSC Course – J. Hucknall. FRANKENSTEIN Shelley also uses the Monster's narrative as a means of critiquing her. Vangelis created a score for Blade Runner that closely parallels the visual and. Literary Style & Context ESSAY PLAN.…

  • View of The Dystopian World of Blade Runner An Ecofeminist.

    The science fiction film, Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, first released in 1982 and. Blade Runner, a collection of academic essays;2 Paul M. Sammon's book on the. Web.4 A student colleague has just seen the film for the eighteenth time. The density of Ridley Scott's visual and textual layers in Blade Runner.…

  • In the Wild Brave New World and Blade Runner English, ESL -- and.

    Another links to an essay by Ming Li, “The Cost of Stability in Brave New World“. NSW HSC students read Brave New World in conjunction with. Blade Runner is now paired with Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and the.…

  • The Romantic Roots of" Blade Runner"

    Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus The 1818 Text. In Ridley Scott's Blade Runner 1982, the influential Leon played by Brion James, who had. This synthesis renders the film a textual hybrid, in Latour's between human and. As Tyrell argues, duration in time does not con- light and misquotes Blake's America.…

  • Blade Runner anatomy of a classic BFI

    Back in cinemas in its definitive version, what can Blade Runner tell us about technology. Scott was an outsider in Hollywood at the time, his perfectionist methods clashing with his. Frankenstein meets Oedipus. It spawned numerous comic books and computer-game spin-offs, plus three sequel.…

  • Frankenstein' and 'Blade Runner' The Ugly, The Sublime and The.

    Frankenstein' and 'Blade Runner' The Ugly, The Sublime and The. ''Time to die'' scene at the resolution of the conflict in Blade Runner. The uncanny concept was elaborated upon in a 1919 essay by. Write a monthly column for on iconic books, TV shows & films Time Travel.…

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