The Breakfast Club Character Analysis Essay

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She tells him to use the time to his advantage, but he replies that they are not supposed to study, they're just supposed to sit there and do nothing. I really don't." "What do you know about trigonometry?

His mother doesn't care and tells him to find a way to study anyway. " "I just want to tell each of you that I wouldn't do that.

He is incredulous when Bender reveals the marijuana, but later smokes it, though not before silently asking Andrew for permission to do so.

Andrew says no, but Brian gets up to do so anyway, marking his first disrespect of authority in the film.

He has been keeping track of the number of detentions that John has racked up --eight-- even though he thinks it's seven and knows where the library's fire exits are.

He doesn't like conflict and comes between Andrew and John when they are talking about their parents to break up their argument, saying that he doesn't like his parents either.

Through college they hung out and shared their interests and now they come together as recent college grads to share their views with the world! Many students are looking forward to graduation, while others are looking forward to Summer vacation.

From reviews on movies, comics, books, and music, welcome to the ASYLUM FOR NERDS!!! So I decided that in honor of the end of another school year, I would write a Character Analysis on a student character in film.

He finds John intimidating and puts his jacket back on when they both begin to remove theirs at the same time. Brian is a bit of a goody-two-shoes and says that there isn't supposed to be any monkeying around when John gets up to remove the screw from the door, and reminds him that it's school property and not something to be toyed with.

He also worries about being caught going to John's locker, implying that he fears being disciplined.


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