The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Essay

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Essay-54
Christopher also does not understand simple things such as metaphors and he relates his conversations verbatim without interpretation or commentary other than how they make him feel.The reader then ends up filling in the blank spaces and feeling the slightest emotion for Christopher due to the first person narrative in the story.

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The topic of mathematics is one thing in which Christopher likes to his heart and makes him settled and steady in his disastrous life.

Moreover, the first person is both immovable and adamant with his desire for mathematics.

He is not either an optimistic person as he judges how the days will be due to the colors of cars.

Moreover, Christopher needs the truth due to the cause that he is trying to solve a murder mystery and if he does not get important or major facts of the murder then his investigation will be a fail and he wont be able to proceed.

The clue was that a fork was stabbed into the dog which meant it was premeditated.

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Essay

For this reason the story becomes a murder novel as well as a story of his life.The story unravels itself to nothing but the whole truth.In the story Mark Haddon has used first person narration and this is extremely effective as you can see in the mind of Christopher and as well as it being effective; the main character who is Christopher is Autistic and is a victim of Aspergers Syndrome.The maps and diagrams which Christopher uses inn the story aids himself in identifying his place on earth so that he does not act in an unusual or irritating way which he is nit aware of.This part of the story shows the reader that Christopher is Autistic, suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and has a difficult in coping with everyday things.For example, Christopher cannot understand facial expressions for the fact that they move too fast for him to comprehend.As a result of this, visualizations, charts, graphs, pictures and diagrams are used during the period of this book when Christopher is trying to imply something to the reader.Even though Christopher is a boy always willing to know the truth he doesn’t have the courage at times to tell the whole truth in which he states are “white lies”.This shows that Christopher has an idea of what he is doing most of the time and can be truthful but not quite at times.The sentimental subtext is such a wide space that the reader fills it and this is the effect of the narrative style.In these parts the author Mark Haddon gives the most effective part of each person’s viewpoint.


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