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Another helpful resource on the Thesis and Dissertation Office Format Guide web page is the Mini Manuscript, which includes samples of formatting for each page of the manuscript.

This Microsoft Word document can be saved to your computer to use as a template.

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Be sure to complete all 3 steps: (1) Complete request form for electronic signature page and submit to committee members for electronic signing to be completed by the deadline date.

Please check upcoming workshops offered for graduate students .

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The Thesis Writing 101 workshop Power Point is available for viewing on this site.During peak times, when there is a high volume of theses and dissertations to review, it may take up to three business days to receive a response.Thesis writing workshops are offered every semester and highly recommended for anyone writing a thesis.When a work is published, the author's rights generally are transferred to the publisher by written agreement.Rights included under copyright regulation are the following: The first two rights are basic rights and generally retained by the publisher. Electronic signatures or copies will not be accepted. All signatures must be the original wet signature for each committee member.For information needed on your title page, refer to the List of College Designees (for the name of the person to be listed after the names of the members of your committee) and List of Degree Names (for the exact wording of your degree and option or concentration that follows the degree).Copyright protects the original expression contained in a work (e.g., selection and arrangement of entries in the yellow pages of a phone book).It was created using Microsoft Office 2013 version of Word.Please email [email protected] you have problems with the download.


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