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Though they may not be mass-producible, I’m really interested in crafting comics that are multi-dimensional and multi-modal, comics you can interact with in different ways, that you can touch, taste and smell.How would it change the experience to be able to taste the story? To be immersed in the story in a different way, but to still be able to identify and understand that story to be a comic? Luckily I had a fair bit of time over winter break to spend editing, and while things were slow at the beginning of the spring semester, we worked on the layout, ran the Kickstarter, and got edits out.

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Looking at different interpretations of these well established characters was fascinating to me, and helped to spark the idea that became this anthology.

opens with a 4-page comic drawn by fellow CCS grad Willow Payne ’14 in which the local news catches an unidentified hero on camera saving people from a burning building.

Even though things didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped and she was only able to work with me for the fall semester, it is still amazing to me that I got to work with one of my cartooning heroes as part of my time at CCS.

What drew you to a Ph D in Communication and Rhetoric?

I was looking for four things when applying to programs: So there were lots of factors that led me to this program at RPI—although initially I was drawn more heavily to programs more specifically focused on media studies or art, this particular communication program checked all the boxes and really resonated with me. This past year the project I may have been most excited about was an art book I constructed from balsa wood, with shelves, a drawer and secret compartments containing comics that utilize thermo-chromic pigments to change the way the reader physically interacts with the work (the ink is opaque below about 76º Fahrenheit and fades away as it warms).

I presented the box at the University of Florida Annual Comics Conference on comics and materiality in April.

Because my drawing time is so limited and precious, I’m very picky about what I take on.

I’m pitching work to anthologies here and there, but mostly as a writer—if I’m going to draw something, I want it to be something that I can offer a unique perspective on or connection to. As I move forward into the next year of my Ph D, I expect my work to get weirder.

She completed the following interview with Angela Boyle ’16.

Who was your thesis advisor for your second year at CCS? Her cartooning is amazing, and (Fantagraphics, 2006)was the first graphic novel I ever owned, so I had loved her comics for a very long time.


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