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If you are not certain that your use of copyrighted material is covered under fair dealing, Ask Us.

We can help you do a fair dealing analysis and/or help obtain written permission from copyright holders in order to use their work in your thesis.

While copyright law in Canada does not include specific criteria for determining To learn more about fair dealing and to do a fair dealing evaluation, try our fair dealing evaluator (BETA).

Using this tool, you can learn how to apply these six criteria to determine “fairness” when dealing with copyrighted materials.

According to Library and Archives Canada, “students should ensure that the use of copyrighted materials from other sources in their theses meet the requirements of the Copyright Act.

Some written permission may be required” (Thesis Canada).

Students hold copyright to their theses regardless of the method of submission.

For more information, see What are Queen's University's policies regarding ownership of Intellectual Property?

The Copyright at Queen’s policy outlines a number of situations where it is lawful to copy copyrighted works without permission or payment.

They are: Exceptions are situations where copyrighted works can be reproduced without getting permission or providing compensation to a copyright holder.


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