Thesis Technology Classroom

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A recent study by scholars at the London School of Economics has revived the argument over using mobile technology in schools, and whether students should be allowed to use their own devices.

The study found that schools that banned cell phones had a 6% stronger test score improvement than schools with no such policy.

But does this mean schools should ban all tech, and thus ban all education that can be gleaned from tech, or does it mean that education grants should be devoted towards edtech, so that all students have an equal ability to benefit from it?

When students are given equal access to technology in the classroom, the education landscape changes.

As technology has become ubiquitous in daily life, perhaps it should become just as integrated into our schools.

Of course, the downside here is the start-up cost of providing every student with a laptop.A Master’s in Educational Technology will teach you to design, implement, and assess tech-based projects so you can bring emerging technologies into the classroom – whether that’s in a K-12 environment, higher education, or even the corporate world.There are programs that pertain only to K-12 settings and those that are will be more broadly applicable.The Case Against Tech at School The study found that 4 schools’ phone banning policies resulted in greater test score improvements than comparable schools in the area that had no such phone policies.Some educators are turning to this and other similar studies to claim that technology on school grounds stands as a distraction, and limiting or banning that distraction will allow students to focus on the lessons.New York City has already made this option available, lifting the blanket technology ban to allow schools to make policies on a school-by-school basis.As technology continues to evolve, so must our policies pertaining to its use.There may never be one system that works equally well for all schools.As long as there are different learning styles, there will be different tech policies.Although personal devices have been around for over a decade, many schools continue to reconsider their policy on student technology use.There are many different strategies: some schools have complete bans, where students must hand over any devices when they step on school property; some schools have an open use policy, where students are allowed to use their devices in the classroom (within reason); and some schools (such as HISD high schools and many Houston private schools) pay to have laptops or tablets distributed to students, often fitted with special software that prohibits certain usage, such as games and social media.


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