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In the novel, the Igbo ask how the white man can call Igbo customs bad when he does not even speak the Igbo language.An understanding of Igbo culture can only be possible when the outsider can relate to the Igbo language and terminology.In the Igbo society, patriarchy ruled in every aspect of existence.

As far as the role of men is concerned in the Igbo society, the people of Umuofia valued the qualities of physical strength and bravery very highly.

It had been noticed that the ceremonial village gathering with the egwugwu embodies male superiority in the tribe.

Achebe agrees, however, with many of his fellow African writers on one point: The African writer must write for a social purpose. their societies were not mindless, but frequently had a philosophy of great depth and value and beauty, . The Use of English Achebe presents the complexities and depths of an African culture to readers of other cultures as well as to readers of his own culture.

In contrast to Western writers and artists who create art for art's sake, many African writers create works with one mission in mind — to reestablish their own national culture in the postcolonial era. By using English — in which he has been proficient since childhood — he reaches many more readers and has a much greater literary impact than he would by writing in a language such as Igbo.

Chinua Achebe, a well-known Nigerian writer, writes African stories that restructure the previous ways of Nigeria’s Igbo people and recall’s the invasion of Western ways of life on their customary morals.

The Igbo culture was a society that put a lot of stress on gender roles, and the importance of manliness and violence, which resulted in the cruelty of the female’s character and the role of women as child barer.

As discussed by the writer in the story ‘Things Fall Apart’, this paper also emphasizes on the roles of men and women, their ceremonies and their religious believes.

One thing which is recognized about women is that all the way through time, especially during the nineteenth century, women were subjugated, and they were confined to the role of nurturing.

Introduction Writers in Third World countries that were formerly colonies of European nations debate among themselves about their duty to write in their native language rather than in the language of their former colonizer.

Some of these writers argue that writing in their native language is imperative because cultural subtleties and meanings are lost in translation.


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