Timed Essay Questions

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Now that you have working definitions, you can shape your paper.

Think of ways in which your definitions support the above statement and write them down.

It generally occurs after a lackluster brainstorming session or in the midst of a particularly intense onset of writer’s block.

While it may seem impossible, try focusing on the task at hand rather than thinking negatively about the exam.

Instead of thinking about all the many ways that you can fail, think of the ways that you can succeed; channel your nervous energy into productive and creative energy.

At first glance, this prompt may not appear to have anything that you can relate to, but, upon further examination, most prompts offer all test takers plenty of options.Source: While panic itself is not helpful, being able to recognize the cause of this panic can be useful because it allows you to resolve existing problems and prevent panic from ruining your essay.Since so many students share common timed writing experiences, we’ve compiled a list of the top thoughts that students have during timed writing tests, and we’ll offer you advice to help you manage them.As long as you include a word that holds a similar meaning and works within the context of the sentence, your essay will survive.This is one of the most common thoughts that people have during a timed writing exam.Regardless of GPA, major, or luck, every student at SJSU will eventually have to take a timed essay examination.While they are not the most technically difficult tests to take, the mere mention of a timed writing exam often leaves students feeling panicked, sweaty, and terrified.Giving yourself some space from a paragraph that brought you into the pits of complete despair will allow you to take a breather and get your essay back on track.Admittedly, this problem is not something that you can easily solve while in the middle of a timed writing exam (unless you begin to sprint around the room and show off your athletic prowess to your fellow test-takers), but it is something that can be minimized with a little planning.Essays can be either long or short, serious or humorous, formal or informal.It can describe your opinions or be a synopsis of expert opinions.


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