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Without this kind of strength and understanding, it will be difficult to be in a relationship that will last for any length of time.

The main importance of this poem, and the factor ‘why we should care,’ is because this poem is a call from the past to recognize the elemental nature of human life: that life is short, and—whether we have friendships and/or lovers, we should learn to cherish both because time passes quickly and, at any rate, is most definitely passing by at a rate that is faster than we might expect.

He analyzes the speaker and determines that any female reader would interpret the intensity and urgency......To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell and the Flea by John Donne Both poems have a similar theme, “love”, and, at the beginning of both the poems, this love seems to be pure in its approach and address.

On closer observation, the underlying meaning changes altogether, letting the reader see the erotic nature of love, where the beloved is urged to give up her chastity, her virginity.

Contemporary feminist research has compartmentalized much of metaphysical poetry within the......Seduction in “To His Coy Mistress” Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” is a poem of sexual seduction.

More a letter to a lover than a poem, the speaker of the poem attempts to convince his mistress to put away her shyness and succumb to his sexual advances.It should be noted that it is not that he wants “her”. His desire is akin to the desire that anyone feel when they want something.This can apply to a sexual dalliance or obtaining a video game.At the end, climaxing, the poet Marvell clearly states, “Let us roll our strength…into one sweet ball/…tearing…Through the iron gates of life.”2 Then he talks about making the sun stand still, and yet make it run.Marvell has shown, in this poem, the various epochs of life, why lovers should ‘seize the day,’ and the true meaning of life—that we should live it fully because we never should take our days for granted because we don’t know when it will end.Marvell’s poem speaks to the beauty of nature, the everlasting wonder of love, and touches upon so many chords that strike within us.Ultimately, he touches our hearts by reminding us that ...? ‘Seize the day,’ or carpe diem, in Latin, is how the phrase is translated.However, it literally means, ‘pluck the day.’ One must take the day at its face value and use it to its fullest extent.“You fell so hard” (5) is an example of symbolism employed to explain how deeply the other person must have experienced the blow of life.It may also refer to a bitter or a very painful experience.......


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