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The milestones of reform on Shaikh Abi Amuzairiq’s al-Libiy’s priorities (D.1431 H) in his exegesis “Irshad al-Hayran” and It’s Maqasidiq Impact on the Interpretation of chapters al-Fetihah, al-Baqarah, ’Oli Imran and al-Nise / Mohamed Mohamed Abdelfaiz.

Blend of 1 Butyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(Trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide−monoethanolamine sulfolane as a novel non-aqueous solvent for carbon dioxide absorption and its thermophysical properties / Mohd Azlan Kassim.

(5) Required to undertake further work and submit the thesis for Re-examination within a period of 6 to 12 months from the date of Senate.

(6) Failed to attain sufficient academic merit in the thesis examination for the Doctoral degree and it is recommended to Senate that a Master’s degree be awarded subject to the candidate fulfilling the requirement for the award of the Master’s degree.

(7) Failed to attain academic merit and it is recommended to Senate that the candidate has failed in the thesis examination and is not allowed to submit the thesis for re-examination.

(1) Awarded the Master’s Degree with Distinction – subject to the stipulated rules and conditions.The medium of thesis is in Malay or English, but under special circumstances, the Senate may approve the use of a language other than Bahasa Malaysia or English for the thesis concerned.UM Student's Repository is an open access digital archive and an initiative of the University of Malaya Library.Perancangan program kementerian pembangunan wanita, keluarga dan masyarakat untuk memenuhi sasaran 30 peratus wanita dalam pengurusan tertinggi negara: Analisis dari perspektif siasah syar‘iyyah / Nur Tasnim Ismail. 792 H) dalam Sharh al-Arba’in al-Nawawiyyah: Analisis perbandingan dengan karya Syarah Hikam oleh Tok Pulau Manis dan Logika Agama oleh M. It is recommended that you pay us a visit at Thesis Unit, IGS with a printed draft copy and have the format of final draft checked prior to binding.Also, we strongly advise you against copying the formatting done by other candidates as previously submitted theses/dissertations may not conform to the current formatting requirements.Failure to meet the formatting requirements may result in a thesis/dissertation being rejected at the point of submission.(2) Attained sufficient academic merit for the award of the degree without amendments/ corrections to the dissertation.(3) Attained sufficient academic merit for the award of the degree subject to minor corrections to be made to the dissertation within a period of 3 months as required by the Committee of Examiners and subject to confirmation of the corrections by the Supervisor.Upon submitting your thesis/dissertation for examination, you will not be required to register for the following semester unless the Committee of Examiners recommends a re-examination following the Committee of Examiners’ Meeting and/or viva voce.Contact the respective offices to check on the progress of the examination process after 2 to 3 months from the date of thesis/dissertation submission.


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