Uq Assignment Cover Sheet

Uq Assignment Cover Sheet-23
Marks will be awarded for each Summative Assessment Item in accordance with Section 4.3 'Marking Grading and Moderating'.

Assignments presented after the deadline will be subject to a penalty unless an extension of time has been approved by the Course Examiner.

If requested, Students must be capable of providing proof of date of submission of an Assignment.

Students submitting any Assessment Item in hard copy or as a result of a practicum finalisation must attach a Student cover sheet and signed declaration for the submission to be accepted for Marking.

Assignment submissions must contain evidence of Student effort to address the requirements of the Assignment.

Students should also raise with the Course Examiner, normally within 10 University Business Days of receipt of their Marked Assessment item, any of the following concerns: If a Student believes there has been an oversight, omission of Marking or mathematical discrepancy in the Marking in relation to an individual Assignment, group Assignment or a Student's individual Mark on a group Assignment, they may request a recheck of the Mark.

The request must be made within 10 business days of receiving the Marked Assignment.All Students enrolled in a Coursework Course at the University are required to complete Assessment Items as part of their Course.These Assessment Items may be either Assignments or Formal Examinations or a combination of both.Grounds which cannot be used as a basis for applying for a recheck of an Assignment Mark include, but are not limited to: The Course Examiner will work with the student to resolve the matter, which may include discussing the Award of Marks against the Marking criteria and checking that Marks for each component have been correctly aggregated.The Student will be advised of the Course Examiner's decision no later than five (5) business after the informal discussion.The Assessment Items for each Course will be identified in the Course Specifications.Assignments will be prepared, submitted and managed in accordance with Section 4.2 'Assignments'.A recheck of Assignment Marks may result in the Award of a higher or lower Mark than was originally awarded.To request a recheck, the Student should submit a Recheck of Assignment Marks Request Form, including outlining how the Mark shows an oversight, Marking omission or mathematical discrepancy against the Marking criteria or calculation of Marks, and make an appointment with the Course Examiner to discuss the Assignment.Copies should be submitted to the University within 24 hours of receipt of a request being made.Students are responsible for submitting the correct Assignment.


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