Use Of Force Essay Questions

The goals of use of force policy are to reduce the number of officer-involved injuries or death and to reduce the use of excessive force.

Through training and education, police departments attempt to increase police officer and public safety while reducing potential injuries.

This involves training and understanding in behavior and negotiation-style tactics in order to de-escalate intense situations.

The real-world exercises have shown more potential benefits, as they attempt to mirror real world situations and interactions that officers may encounter.

Use of Force Policy Use of force is a key component of policing and one of the most controversial issues in law enforcement. In response to these incidents, officials began putting more resources into use of force training and education.

Use Of Force Essay Questions

Although use of force has existed in policing since its inception, it was not until this profession became more formalized that use of force policy also became more prevalent (Atherley, 2014). The basic design of use of force policy consists of two components: the policy itself and the training/education.

The target population of the policy is police officers.

Police officers are the ones who are employing the use of force policy itself in interactions with citizens.

Research conducted by Terrill et al (2011) found that 80% of 1,083 of departments surveyed reported using some type of use of force continuum in their policy.

Although a majority of departments surveyed employed some type of use of force continuum, there must be something missing if use of force is still a prevalent issue.


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