Vulnerability Essay Nursing

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It applies to those aged 16 and over with potentially 1.2 million people directly affected and will include those with dementia, learning disability, brain injury, mental health problems and autism.

Scotland has similar legislation in place with The Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000.” ( This is in place to protect the client’s autonomy, but also protect those who are vulnerable from various forms of abuse.

The purpose of this essay is to look at Rita’s situation, vulnerability and how a multidisciplinary team, focusing on the nurse could help.

In normal circumstances consent would need to be gained from the client and false name used to protect the client, however Rita is a fictitious client therefore consent is not required, case scenario in appendix.

The nurse has a responsibility to report any abuse they see, hear or anything they have concerns about so that the appropriate agencies can get involved in resolving any issues, this does not mean that control would be taken away from client.

(NMC 2009 Page 15) Rita would be considered to be vulnerable as her normal function has been compromised by firstly heart failure but also what appears to be a slight cognitive impairment.Rita’s feeling of vulnerability would be added to by being admitted to hospital, taking her away from familiar surroundings and home comforts.As previously mentioned age affects vulnerability as generally later in life the immune system and memory has a tendency to deteriorate.Results Adverse effects may occur in up to 70% of transports.They include a change in heart rate, arterial hypotension and hypertension, increased Human Services is a profession that has been deeply affected by certain legislation passed by Congress.Rita may also be feeling pressure from her daughter to make the decision to go into respite care making Rita feel she has become a burden to her family.The role of the nurse is a varied one with emphasis on patient centred care. The Effects of Staff Ratio on Patient Care A common problem today that many nurses face is the lack of staff to properly care for the residents in the long-term facility that they work in.After discussing various surgical options with the Clinical Nurse Specialist are most often seen in outpatient facilities in the early stages of the disease and long term care hospitals in advanced and end stages (Baker & Gershanik, 2006).In the early diagnosis of Parkinson’s, patients are functioning independently and the treatments needed are simple.“Health system leaders recognize that these shortages threaten the quality of care they can provide to patients. Cultural competence reflects a higher level of knowledge than cultural sensitivity, which was once thought to be all that was needed for nurses to effectively care for their patients (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2004).Culturally competent care should be the foundation for all care that a nurse provides, especially when caring for a patient whose cultural background differs from that of the nurse.


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