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The Over-Sharer Here’s my rule of thumb: if it’s something that could potentially come up in a therapy session, then it has no place in your college essay.

This includes experiences with suicide, sexual abuse, eating disorders, and addiction.

It might also leave them worrying about you, feeling guilty, and wondering if college is a positive environment for you to be in.

And in the case that the person who reads your essay is a mandatory reporter, your first interaction with the college you hope to attend might be a referral to a counselor.

Some kids even think that listing all the reasons , but asking the college counselor to “take a chance on me”, is a surefire way to get an acceptance. They don’t gamble on students who just pointed out why they don’t deserve an acceptance. Sometimes the circumstances of death can make it far more traumatic, but everyone faces it at some point in their life.

If you have to choose between being the perfect candidate or the worst candidate, the perfect candidate is better (and we hate that one). If you’re lucky, maybe the only death you know is the death of a dog.

This helps us understand how Madison would thrive in a liberal arts academic setting with lots of flexibility where she can find the unique cross-sections of her interests.","_modules_admissions_6_content_0_body":"field_58dd957c14807","modules_admissions_6_content":["body"],"_modules_admissions_6_content":"field_58dd956c14806","modules_admissions_8_tag_text":"","_modules_admissions_8_tag_text":["field_58dd955014803","field_58dd955014803"],"modules_admissions_8_heading":"","_modules_admissions_8_heading":"field_58dd955614804","modules_admissions_8_lead":"Admissions Committee Comments","_modules_admissions_8_lead":"field_58dd955e14805","modules_admissions_8_content_0_body":"Devon opens his essay with a story that is relatable to many: Struggling through a difficult activity (rock climbing in this instance) yet feeling determined to finish.

The author effectively expands from this one experience to how his learning style has changed in the past few years.

Even if it’s written as a story of overcoming, it’s a risky topic to choose both for the admissions process and for your own mental and emotional health.

It can cause feelings of discomfort for the admissions counselor reading your essay, and even trigger his or her own experiences, something that you definitely don’t want.


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