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A third, and the most troubling, is that, particularly in low-income schools, the tendency is simply to give easier assignments to students who are further behind, rather than scaffolding harder assignments.

(The group did find a gap in rigor between assignments at high- and low-income high schools).

A quadratic trinomial with a leading coefficient of 1 that can first be factored using greatest common factoring. While middle school teachers have largely embraced the leaner, more-focused Common Core State Standards, many math assignments prioritize procedures and algorithms at the expense of conceptual thinking and argumentation, says the report, which raises fresh questions about the challenges to upgrading math instruction in the crucial grades 6-8.

It's the latest in a series of reports Education Trust has put out looking at whether the assignments given to students truly match the demands of new content standards shared across states.

Which do you suppose is more common in middle school math in the United States?

----- A: Factor completely, and state for each stem what type of factoring you are using.You’ll be reading books, and you’ll be discussing them in class.However, you’ll also analyze those books in written.The assignments were collected over a two-week period from 63 teachers working in 12 different middle schools located in six districts using the common core.The districts represent both urban and rural, and some had spent lots of money on new, aligned curricula, while others had left it up to teachers to craft.x B: Create expressions that can be factored according to the following criteria.Explain the process you used to create your expression. By and large, middle school math instruction looks a lot more like assignment A than assignment B, according to a new analysis released this morning by the Education Trust.Most of the assignments, 73 percent, did match at least one grade or course-appropriate common-core math standard; many matched more than one.That's good news, since it indicates that teachers have embraced the standards and the way they interlock.You can have students write and post their analysis or present their findings in a speech using visual aids.You may find paying attention to color adds an important dimension to student understanding of media.


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