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De Shawn Skipwith English 1/28/14 Professor Coleman Who am I?

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Is it possible to assert that man must exist only in order to reproduce? In the modern world, it is already clear that a person has more important goals.

In particular, the improvement of the world, new scientific discoveries and it is all about self-development. Seems that now the answer about my personality will be much simpler.

Striking the balance makes your essay realistic and convincing. I like to utilize every chance I get in making new friends.

Interacting with people from different parts of the world makes me a diverse person.

Remember, the essay doesn’t have to be always about the positive side- you can include your weak points as well in a creative way. The reader expects you to have either staunch stands on certain things and this is the part where you make them know. Well, I know quite much about myself: I am a kind, friendly, respectful, and principled young person. Of course, there are times I enjoy being alone for meditation.

You can also write about what makes you unique (unique skills, character, etc). However, being around people makes me feel comfortable.

A person who wants to make the right decisions, but does not always cope with the task. And someday, I want to say boldly that I’m a man who has made the world a little better.

Ask yourself: What kind of person am I and who do I want to be? My character gives me a possibility to choose whom to be.

It all depends on your choice, your experience, or situation. But the most important questions are those that we ask ourselves standing in from of the mirror alone. But if you do not dwell on this and continue working further, there will be only more questions.

Today you may say I am a student, and tomorrow, I am a pilot.


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