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This rubs feathers with anyone who stands on the path to success.

I’d be a liar if I said that I am a genius, flawless or immortal- and that’s who I am.

You can also write about what makes you unique (unique skills, character, etc). However, being around people makes me feel comfortable.

Striking the balance makes your essay realistic and convincing. I like to utilize every chance I get in making new friends.

Looking at a human from the biological aspect of view, one can say that his main purpose is procreation because man is mortal, but life must continue. What if one day our knowledge will allow opening the formula of immortality, and the constant continuation of the family will lose its meaning?

Is it possible to assert that man must exist only in order to reproduce? In the modern world, it is already clear that a person has more important goals.

I want to treat everyone – junior or senior- with utmost reverence. This didn’t start yesterday- I have always loved to give up my seats to elders in the train since I was young. I love to make my points in a way that won’t hurt those around me.

I always desire to respectful even to those who least deserve it. Well, I probably got this trait from my life as a sportsperson.

Many students, from high school to college level, do not know how to describe themselves.

They mix up ideas as they do not really know what they need to include in their writing. This may include communication, computer, education, languages, leadership or anything else you find worthy. Describing oneself is one of the most complicated tasks.


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