Write Cover Sheet Research Paper

It will also help them decide whether the manuscript will require any specific experts during the peer review process.

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In the salutation of the cover letter, make sure that you use the current editor’s name – and spell it correctly.

Avoid writing “Dear Editor.” Avoid using the name of the editor of the journal that you submitted to on your first try.

Explain what is already known about this area and the advances presented in your paper.

Summarize what is new and why the editor should care.

The important question that is answered in this paper is X and that is important because of Y.

Describe any related papers that you have submitted or will submit soon.

Some journals such as have an online Presubmission Inquiries website: https://org/misc/authors/Presubmission Editors and associate editors often attend scientific meetings.

Introduce yourself to them and develop a professional relationship.

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