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Students who transfer in as seniors with the maximum 90 hours do not merely need to take the final 30 hours for the graduation requirement; they also need to ensure that they have fulfilled the requirements specific to their major.

These courses are fine for your first two years, but by the time you are in your third and fourth year of college you should be taking courses at the 300 and 400 level.

Our Admissions evaluators will accept a little more than two years’ worth of 100- and 200-level courses (72 semester hours).

Our Master of Mathematical Sciences is an intensive degree designed for students with backgrounds in related study areas. You could help build business start-ups as a data scientist or enter the growing field of gaming design and performance analysis.

You might be an actuary, applying probability and statistics to insurance and banking.

Any courses transferred beyond these 72 hours must be of a higher level.

It is common today for students to go from college to college amassing credit hours, each time starting over at the freshman level, particularly if most of their transcripts are from 2-year community colleges.

Please read the important information contained in the disclaimer.

Taking online math classes here at UIS is a very accessible means for anyone to get an affordable, accredited education from an Illinois public institution.

General electives are usually not necessary for these students, unless Admissions has specifically informed them of a general education deficiency such as an English composition course or a lab science.

For a list of the lower-division general education courses that Admissions will be looking for in your transcript, see the “Transfer” tab at our General Education webpage, or view the Illinois Articulation’s website.


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